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Thai Fish Cakes in Pita Pockets - Picnic Game

Goat Cheese 

I'm going on a picnic and i'm bringing a dish that has to start with the alphabet "T". Not a real picnic but a virtual picnic game where you choose an alphabet from A-Z and make a dish starting with the alphabet that you choose. The Picnic Game, a yearly event is hosted by  Louise from Month of Edible Celebrations and i understand from Louise that it's going to be an International Picnic with variations of dishes coming from regional and all over, wow..our picnic basket is going to be huge!! Louise, pls get ready a big picnic blanket..or maybe two for all of the food!

There were probably 7-8 alphabets left when i was thinking what alphabets to pick, i ended up picking the letter "T" and then i was considering making something tuna maybe, tuna fish cakes or tuna rolls or anything with tofu. On the same night i think while i was visiting some of your blogs, i came upon this Thai Fried Fish Cake ( Tod Mun Pla) in Maureen's blog ( Oh, Thai! that starts with the letter "T" and sounds like something i like to eat, quickly bookmarked the page and the next day without wasting any more time thinking what to make, settled on this thai fish cakes.  As i also have pita breads in my fridge, i decided to stuff these fish cakes into the pita, calling them 'thai fish cakes in pita pocket'.

as at this time, i havent got the whole list of what others are making yet the letter before "T" but Louise will be doing a roundup for the picnic game on July 1st and oh, i have to recite's the rule of the game.
I'm going on a picnic and i'm bringing
A-Artichokes Steamed and Dressed with Mayonnaise from Mae's Food Blog
B-Baked Beans by Movable Feasts
C-California Tabbouleh by Bookcase Foodie
D-Dunkin Donuts by Kristy, My Little Space
E-Eggplant Casserole by Yummy Chunklet
F-Frosty Summer Salad with Cranberry, Pineapple and Beets from Olla-Podrida
G-Goat Cheese Mixed Green Salad with Cocoa Nibs from Dying for Chocolate
H-Halibut and Salsa Verde from Squirrel Head Manor
I-Iced Coffee Two Ways from Art of Natural Living
J-Jubilee Sandwich by Petra, Kulinarische Zeitreishe
K-Keylime and Ambarella Juice by Riceball
L-Limoncello Pine Nut Biscotti from Bakeaway With Me
M-Mini Meringue Kisses by Baking Addict
N-Nougat Brownies by Kit, I-Lost in Austen
O-Ozark Pudding by Cathy, Retro Recipe Attempts
P-Palates De Chabacano y Manzanilla (Apricot Chamomile Popsicles ) by Girlichef
Q-Quinoa Salad by Chaya, My Sweet and Savoury
S-Strawberry and Kiwi Chocolate Tart( Gluten Free) from Cooking with Dia
T-Thai Fish Cakes in Pita Pockets

** updated the above list on July01**

Recipe ( from )
with some change of ingredients
200gm white fish fillet, i used halibut, clean, pat dry and cut into chunks
1/2 tsp corn starch
1/4 tsp sea salt
2 tsp water
2 sprigs coriander, finely chopped
2 kaffir lime leaves, shredded
3 french beans, cut into small pieces
2tbsp cooking oil

1/4 tsp fish sauce
1/2 tsp castor sugar
1heaped tbsp red curry paste ( recipe below)

1. In a food processor, add fish fillets, cornstarch, salt, water and process till smooth. Stop the processor one or 2 times to scrape down the meat to process thoroughly. Transfer to a big bowl. Using a chopsticks, stir the meat in one direction for about 10 minutes till they become bouncy
2. Add in seasonings, chopped coriander, lime leaves, the cut french beans and mix well. Using 2 teaspoons or clean hands, shape them into round and flatten them to form disks.
3.Heat pan on medium flame and put in the fish paste one by one, you may need to lower the heat now. Do not move the patties until they turned golden brown on each side, about 3 minutes, then flip over and cook the other side. You can do few at a time and repeat the process till all is cooked. Remove from pan and set aside.
ingredients for red curry paste

Red Curry Paste ( from
1tsp coriander powder
1tsp ground cumin
2tsp chilli flakes /coarse red chilli/chilli powder
1tsp shrimp paste
2 pieces chopped shallot
8 cloves chopped garlic
50gms galangal, sliced
2 lemongrass stalks
40gm roasted cashew nuts
5 stems of coriander with some stems(2-3cm) attached
1tbsp vegetable oil

Dry fry ground coriander and cumin powder till aromatic and leave to cool. Then add them together with the rest of the ingredients into a food processor and process till they become a paste. Again, you may need to stop the processor a few times to scrape and mix them thoroughly or you can use pulse mode and check the consistency of the paste. Remove and keep in a clean container in a fridge, they can be kept for a month.

red curry paste

Fish cakes ( i used 4 fish cakes for my pita sandwiches )
4 pita breads
1 egg, fry into omelette and cut into strips
1 small part of cucumber, about 1/4 piece of a normal size cucumber
( cut into cubes and mixed with 1/2 cup of mayonnasie mixed with 2 tsp of dijon mustard and some black pepper )
1 ripe tomato, sliced
some coriander leaves

For each pita bread, slit into half to form a pocket. Put in some cucumber, a little bit of dressing, some shredded omelette, tomato slices, coriander leaves and  a piece of fish cake or you may like to cut them into pieces and stuff them into the pita pockets.


  1. Oh these look so delicious! what wonderful flavors - I would love to be at this picnic! Really great recipe
    Mary x

  2. This looks amazing, lena. I like the idea of thai fish cakes in Pita.

  3. Saw this game too at Moveable feast! Sounds like fun! Wish to join this game for the next round.

    If this is a real picnic, I would love to try your Thai fish cakes first :D

  4. Sounds like a fun game! BTW I really like your combination of thai cakes with pita. Bookmarking this one for an actual picnic (whenever that'd be) or these would be perfect for sunday brunch also!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Oh yum! This looks delicious! Bring more please, cause I'll definitely eat more than one! Can I sit next to the big plate of this delicious pita pockets, I mean...can I see next to you?.. hehehe! :)

  6. I don't know about everyone else, but I plan on bringing a huge blanket, or two!

    I will be nibbling on those Thai Fish Cakes In Pita Pockets until the sun goes down!!! They sound awesome! I love the thought of all those flavors. Of course, I will also be munching at all the other delectable goodies too!!!

    This year's picnic may just be the best one ever, Lena. I love how you were inspired to bring these pockets. It's funny how these things happen:)

    Thank you so much for playing the virtual picnic we are going to have a blast at the Round-Up!!!

  7. Can't tell for sure if I'm bringing anything but I know I'll be coming along just to eat! Yum! The pita's a great idea. No mucky fingers and stuffing falling out and the Thai fishcakes look really good!

  8. Fish cakes in pita pockets is such a wonderful idea! I usually stuff my pita pockets with veggie-egg scrambles...boring right? ;p

  9. I want to go to this picnic just to try these fish cakes. They look great!

  10. Yum, Lena I would love this on a picnic...or anytime! I can just imagine how much flavor this has...finger licking good!! What a fun picnic, I'll check it out!

  11. Love these lena, fantastic to a picnic!

  12. My my my, can I tag along you to go to the picnic ah? I will bring my all time successful konnyaku jelly to the picnic, in exchange I want to eat your Thai Fish Cakes in Pita Pockets. Hope you don't mind to eat my konnyaku jelly. Promise, I will put more fruit.

  13. Maybe I could tag along , too ?! lol That pita pockets looks pretty tasty ! I'm sure it will be a hit in any gatherings !

  14. Lena, How creative you are to serve the fish cakes with pita bread plus the fresh tomato + cucumber : ), simply brilliant! I also adore your adding of beans, making it more Thai and having some crunchiness in a bite. And thanks for the link, hope you all enjoy the online picnic.

  15. Hmm...Great idea of using Thai fish cake. I am thinking to make pita bread this weekend :)

  16. Your post makes my mouth water!!!Great idea!Have a lovely day,dear!

  17. oh at first i was trying to figure out where you are going for a picnic in this hot weather...hahahahahahaha. i thought perhaps the picnic may involve the other 2 leng luis and all of you will be wearing big hats and eating on the grass...LOL!! sure looks yummy and you just made me very hungryyyyyyyyy.

  18. looking at your first pic already made me mouthwatering, yum yum...

  19. Can I join the picnic please? Have a great time Diane

  20. My gosh, that is absolutely delicious looking and perfect for picnic. Come over here for the real picnic, Lena. It's not hot and free air condition all over here in Aberdeen. Still need to wear cardigan or jacket though :P

  21. Oooo...I think this year I need a bigger belly for all the food at the picnic party. haha.... Yours sound incredibly delish. Gosh...the letter 'T'! You do need a long long list. :o) Just imagine Veron taking the letter 'Z' last year. :o(

  22. What a good picnic dish to "bring" for sure! Such lovely flavours! And finger food is always an easy choice for me.

  23. I love the fish cake! Is a clever idea to eat it in pita pocket and perfect for picnic!

  24. Hahaha! I just visited the blog that has U so it's good to see that T is just as delicious. This sounds amazing, I'd love it on a picnic!

  25. mary: how i wish it is a real picnic as i would love trying all of the food the rest are bringing, thanks for your compliments!

    mich: just to make use of my pita in my fridge..i didnt know what to do with them yet..usually i will just eat them like bread or make simple pizza.

    zoe: okay, joyce will sit on my left and you on my right!haha!

    anuja: yeah, i think these would be great for snacking as well as they are not too filling:))

    joyce: i will reserve a seat for you next to me and another one for joyce! haha! dont forget your watermelon salad too..we want to cool down first before we attack the food!!

    louise: i hv to thank you for organising and inviting me for the picnic game. Last year i was late and couldnt get an alphabet. Thanks so much and cant wait to see your roundup, will be chking out some of the links for the time being too!

  26. Lena, I tried to comment on your awesome scones on the previous post yesterday, but for some reason it wouldn't let me even near the 'comment section' which I thought was odd, but I'm so glad that I able to send this comment re: your most amazing fish cakes, and the homemade red curry paste that has to be superior to the store bought one!

    Such a fun event, this picnic game, from A - Z. I'll have to see if I can link up with something on the remaining alphabet letters. I just think that your fish cakes in the pita is a perfect picnic 'bring along' yummy food!

  27. This dish in the pic is so tempting
    It looks finger licking good
    If only I am skillful in cooking
    I can prepare equally tasty food

    Thai Fish Cakes in Pita Pockets
    A great idea for the picnic game
    I may try making it from fish fillets
    If I fail, Lena is to blame

    Of course, I am just joking
    Without experience, it's hard in fact
    I'll do what I know best,ie tasting
    Will keep trying till almost perfect

  28. oh my gosh I love it! I wish I would have seen this lasts week when I was making fish cakes with my leftover cod. Mine were great but I bet your just as amazing. so making your version next time! Love that you put them in the pita pockets!

  29. Ohh I like thai fish cakes and they are so freaking expensive if you were to have these in restaurants ! Imagine a piece were to cost like $2-3 when dining at a thai restaurant ! And wrapping them in pita pockets sure make it less spicy ~ good idea for those who don't take spice !

  30. Looks delicious but sound a lot of work to do leh!? Lazy me hor!

  31. Lena, thank you for your message. I am still waiting for the solution from blogger support. Sometimes blogger can really a pain on the neck.
    These fish pita pockets look mouthwatering and comforting.

  32. These fish cakes look wonderfully delicious!! I will definitely be having one of these at the picnic! Such a perfect addition to the basket! Have a great day!!

  33. I am hungry, looking at the photo. What a wonderful idea. I am first online to get one of these, at the picnic.

  34. I 'm soo gonna tah pau these mouth watering Thai fish cakes nicely wrapped in pita pockets at the picnic! Wonderful picnic dish. Come we reserve each others goodies, you, me & Joyce. What do you say, huh? I'm certainly bringing few Tupperwares plus plastic bags! Oh my! I'm acting like my mom! LOL

  35. That is a very creative idea! The fish cakes look amazing.

  36. Hi Lena, your fish cake look very appetizing. Look delicious with pita pocket.
    I'm with Kit, being tupperwares plus plastic bags. LOL

  37. Stopping over from the picnic game! We love pita sandwiches and these look unique and delicious!

  38. this is a great idea, Lena. I hopped into Louise's blog and I saw the list of all the food. OMG! she will need a big field to place all the picnic food with you guys there! lol

  39. ping: haha! you're not bringing any food? never mind, i'll sneak you in to the picnic!!

    tigerfish: no, that's not boring, sometimes i will just do the same for my wraps, it's light and healthy!

    ellen: thanks so much, i'm sure you will find a lots of delicious food in the picnic!

    lyndsey: the roundup of this picnic game will be on july 1st in Louise's blog, go and have a look!

    gloria: you're going to the picnic too, right? will be chking out your dish soon, i'm sure it's a great one!

    yan: of course i dont mind eating your jellies..i will eat anything you make, promise!!

    anne: ok, i will sneak you and ping in together..sshhhh!

    maureen: i will have to thank you for showing these recipes, they just came in time for me to make this for the picnic, love them and now i shall think what to cook with the red curry paste ;)

    cass: oh, you're going to make pita breads from scratch..would really love to see them!

    lenia: thank you very much!! HUgs!

    barb: hahaha! eh, that's actually what we did during our schooldays, cycle and have picnics in the field near LM's house, but no hats!

    sherleen: thanks, i would love to make these again using different kind of fish meat next time.

    diane: would love to have you joining the picnic, i'll bring you along with others as my guests!!

    marymoh: seriously, i would love to hv picinc in aberdeen. the last time i went to scotland, i only spent a day there. would actually love to visit you one day!

    kristy: yeah, veron is taking x again this year! haha! oh, i msut chk out her dish and the round up today!

    daphne: thank you and i hope the rest will like these fish cakes that i'm 'bringing' !

  40. tze: actually this is all just very last minute thing, i have the pita breads in my fridge so might as well just them here.

    allthati'meating: yeah, the roundup of this picnic game is today and i cant wait to see all of the picnic food!

    elisabeth: thanks for letting me know about the comments. I do receive feedback sometimes saying that there's such a problem and that usually happens when you're on IE, dont really know why . Anyway, thanks for your compliments on the fish cakes. The roundup of this picnic game will be posted today, do chk it out in louise's blog.

    anonymous: hi, thanks again for your poem! i was just looking at the time you commented this, dont mind telling me where are you from? How i wish i could share some of these fish cakes with you, you dont need to cook, saves you time, you dont need to mess up your kitchen but if it's not nice, dont blame me, ok?

    jessica: Looking forward to your cod fish cakes, i'm sure you created some very delicious ideas with them!

    joyce@cc: that expensive? i havent got a chance to them yet in the restaurant but i would love to. You hv not been baking lately? hope you're good at work!

    chris: yeah, actually involved a bit of work here since i'm making my own curry paste too. But was happy with the outcome.

    angie: thanks so much, i tried going to your blog this morning, it' still not working yet:(

    kathy: hi, thanks for dropping by, will be chking your site soon. Are you one of the "picnickers' too?

    chaya: thanks a lot!i'm sure you will find lots of delicious stuff at the picnic too and will be chking out the roundup today!

    kit: haha! yeah, i think all of us will hv to bring tupperwares to tapau each other's food, how i wish this is a real picnic, then i can meet you and the rest too!

    yummychunklet: thank you! your eggplant casserole is looking good too!

    amelia: eh, can you bring along Mr Hunk Guy to the picnic as well? haha!

    artofnatural living: thank you for dropping by, will be chking out yours soon and also the roundup!

    jen: the roundup is up? oh, i will hv to chk it now!

  41. Hi Lena,

    I mentioned I was just joking
    Of course lah, no blaming you
    Just to learn about simple cooking
    The instructions shouldn't be hard to do

    To learn how to cook better
    Put one's heart into the project
    Have perseverance, do not surrender
    Practice will make perfect

    The last time I left a comment
    I was up for the EURO football
    That's all from your dreamer friend
    Peace and goodwill to one and all

  42. Hi! Visiting from the picnic game. I love tuna but I'm so pleased you decided to make these instead as they look amazing!! I love thai fish cakes and usually order them if we go to a Thai restaurant. Stuffing them in pita bread is a brilliant idea and perfect for a picnic :)

  43. dear anonymous:

    sorry for the late reply
    was tied down with other 'stuffs'
    really wish i had wings to fly
    flipping them across oceans and the gulf

    was tired to write and blog
    come back home face like zombie
    never even touch my oven and wok
    quickly jump to bed and sleep like a baby

    me know nothing about football
    except names like ronaldo and santokh singh
    think am better in making meatball or fishball
    or handle a chicken and roast some wings..haha!

  44. baking addict: thanks for visiting, i havnt made my visits to fellow 'picnickers' yet, i should be doing that soon!

  45. The red curry paste look not red hor.,, but it really sound yummy!

  46. Wow, this looks great. How could I missed it!!

  47. sonia: it could have been red if i added in some chilli powder but yeah, nice!

    bellygoodcooking: *smile*

  48. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comJune 21, 2013 at 10:00 PM

    Lena, this is so yummy and healthy!